And sew on

Yay!  I allow myself a teeny splurge most pay days [yeah right] and my latest goodies just arrived. Blue/black leopard print, stretch heavy cotton.  This NEEDS to be a pair of Style Arc Flat-Bottom Flo trousers.  The wife also fancies snagging any remnants as contrast inserts on something for her… Pale blue heavy cotton twill, … Continue reading And sew on

Toof luck

Ew. 4 weeks after having a tooth extracted, and my gums just gave birth to 2 chunks of tooth/bone.  NOBODY TOLD ME TO EXPECT THIS! Mr Google tells me these are ‘sequestra’  and not to worry.  All very well for YOU to say, googly old pal, but hearing a clank when you spit after cleaning … Continue reading Toof luck

Whatever Next?

The roses/poppies shirt is done, and waiting for its snaps.  [A little aside- I’d put a pic on Facebook, and commented that I liked the fact it made me look like I’ve been paintballing.  A young friend said ‘more like the victim of a zombie mauling’.  *sigh*] The red asymmetric top was worn all day … Continue reading Whatever Next?

Pride and…

oh I was trying all sorts of puns and wordplay: .. and press your dish..and pressure fish, ..and tested, blah blah blah But honestly, after a caipirinha and a bottle of wine, I’m amazed I can type at all, let alone make puns………… Some pics: Bears and cubs I’m surprised I lasted that long, as … Continue reading Pride and…