Simply Red

After my little wardrobe blitz, I noticed a dearth of red…and, conveniently, some red and reddish fabrics among my more recent acquisitions. Serendipity! So, just cut out and ready to sew I present: Another Folkwear Frontier shirt, using the mega-red roses stretch cotton sateen.  I’ve placed the pattern to put roses on the body sections … Continue reading Simply Red


While gloating [in my inimitable way] about the HUGE HEAP of stress that’s just landed on management at work, I decided to check the spelling of schadenfreude.  And found a delightful Wikipedia page which has furnished me with a whole heap of alternatives: Greek:  epichairekakia [anglicised as epicaricacy] Latin:  delectatio morosa [anglicised, morose delectation, a … Continue reading Schadenfreude