The Right Stuff

Do you buy all the right stuff for your projects?  Is your sewing virtuous and saintly?  Do you obediently follow all the lists for notions, yardage and fabric type? I used to, oh yes.  When I wanted to make something, I’d go into town, spend hours browsing all the pattern books in our big department … Continue reading The Right Stuff


I’ve noticed several bloggers taking up the de-cluttering approach as advocated by Marie Kondo.  I must admit, the very thought fills me with horror.  I don’t want a minimalist, showcase worthy life, I like STUFF. Am I a bad Fairy? STUFF #1:  Clothes I didn’t have a lot of stuff as a kid, clothes were … Continue reading Kondo-dominion

Colour inspiration

I’ve been up and down the garden taking some pics of the flower display so far.  Most of the stuff that’s blooming right now is pink or blue, which all looks very cheerful.  I’m very drawn to my little ‘oriental’corner, where a deep pink azalea, deep red acer and pink/purple magnolia are doing their do.  … Continue reading Colour inspiration


Folkwear ‘5 Frontier Shirts’ pattern number 212.  Fabric:  white cotton stretch poplin with navy piping.  Fabrics from Tia Knight.  Woven fusible interfacing on collar, cuffs and front band.  All seams are flat felled. The pattern comes with two alternative fancy yokes; I chose the simpler of the two.  I omitted the breast pockets, there’s enough … Continue reading Yee-Haw!

Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]

** post delayed while waiting for the missus to do  photo shoot!** I haven’t been feeling up to much all week really, but finally had a mammoth cutting out session on Sunday afternoon.  I got cracking on bank holiday Monday, and decided to tackle the ‘non white’ sewing first, as I hate threading and re … Continue reading Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]

Sweet tooth

I had a tooth out three days ago.  This is itself may not seem much, but I’m a complete wimp when it comes to dentistry, and had never had a tooth out without general anaesthetic…but I managed it! My new dentist’s surgery advertise themselves as ‘painless’, and ‘syringe free’.  I must say this influenced my … Continue reading Sweet tooth