While gloating [in my inimitable way] about the HUGE HEAP of stress that’s just landed on management at work, I decided to check the spelling of schadenfreude.  And found a delightful Wikipedia page which has furnished me with a whole heap of alternatives: Greek:  epichairekakia [anglicised as epicaricacy] Latin:  delectatio morosa [anglicised, morose delectation, a … Continue reading Schadenfreude

Bad news…

…comes in threes? I had some crappy news last week. The first was the not unfamiliar announcement that there are impending redundancies at work, and we won’t actually know if we have jobs in September, until decisions are made.  Great.  As the main breadwinner, that’s potentially utterly disastrous. The second was a very stressful phone … Continue reading Bad news…

NOT the right stuff

Happiness today, as a little bag of habby arrived for me.  Unfortunately, the piping cord I ordered seems a  I was somewhat confused by the sizes on offer, but a bit of checking and careful measuring established that I wanted 1/4″.  Oddly, the stuff on offer was labelled 4/32″ [which for non-mathematicians is the … Continue reading NOT the right stuff

Yes ma’am!

I’ve finished the western shirt, or ‘Frontier Shirt’ as the Folkwear pattern labels it.  It’s all in Tia Knight stretch cotton poplin, same fabric for the contrast piping leftover from the wife’s shirt. It’s quite straight up and down, as am I so that’s OK.  The sleeves are good and long, I hate skimpy sleeves.  … Continue reading Yes ma’am!