Cutting a Swathe

That was me over the last couple of days, choppy choppy, hacky hacky!  Then HOURS today of pressy pressy, fusey fusey, bastey bastey.  I then had a brain burp and decided that I wanted contrast facing finishes in EVERYTHING.  So lots of bias cutting. The results? A mega-heap of sewing waiting for a couple of … Continue reading Cutting a Swathe

Polly Gone

Status report on my lovely, only worn twice parrot shirt- I think it’s dead! I’m a total slob and got tomato/lobster sauce on the cuff when we went for a meal, and the wife persevered and got it out.  SO I wore it again, and got food on the front. This time ,I decided to … Continue reading Polly Gone

Wishy Washy

Phew!  That was a mammoth cutty-sticky-gluey-tapey session.  In true Fairy fashion, I’ve put together not one, but FIVE PDF patterns.  To whit: Style Arc Mindie, Etta, and Ann Katy and Laney tap shorts A Verb for Keeping Warm, Nell shirt All went together fine, apart from one panel of the Nell pattern, which didn’t line … Continue reading Wishy Washy