Pick up the Pieces- Geodesic Sweater revisited

Geodesic sweatshirt, Blueprints for Sewing, multiple offcuts in ponte/  WAY TOO LONG remember? *shudders* I hate unpicking.  Really hate it.  Knit unpicking is the WORST.  Ah well.  I stuck a talking book on and got to it.  The bottom row of triangles came off fairly easily, making  a huge pile of thread snippets, then I … Continue reading Pick up the Pieces- Geodesic Sweater revisited

All the fixin’s…

…well, a couple! Last time my daughter visited [Christmas], she dumped a bag of mending on me, and you know how I feel about that!  It has sat there, smirking at me, and despite numerous girdings og my loins, [not lions, they bite] I finally got to work.  A bit.  Just a bit. Job number … Continue reading All the fixin’s…


Sorted!  It wasn’t as much work as I’d thought either: I unpicked the zip on one side only, leaving a pin level with the waistband…moved it all down a tad, basted, re-stitched, and tweaked the hemline on one side to match t’other.  A bit of hand sewing to catch down all the facings and do … Continue reading Mindicated

Bottoms Up! #2

Last of the current batch: StyleArc ‘Mindi’ jeans skirt, zip front and zip patch pockets.  Red stretch denim, insides finished in self made bias from Mickey Mouse brushed cotton.  If I tell you that I originally bought this fabric from a market stall to make something for my son when he was about 2. [and … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #2

Bottoms Up! #1

Katy & Laney tap shorts.  Purple linen/viscose from MyFabrics.  Facings in Tana lawn. Another weird case of measuring carefully, cutting correct size…then finding it doesn’t fit me anywhere.  My belly required size 18, my hips size 8!  Blimey try grading between those lol I did my best, and although I’d originally planned to bind all … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #1

The Bottom Line

Hurrah! The end of the marking is [sort of] in sight! One of the papers I marked today amused me greatly- the student hadn’t managed to get much right, but had written some wry comments.  Here’s my favourite:I’m very slightly ahead of schedule though, so I rewarded myself with an hour or so sewing before … Continue reading The Bottom Line