Interlude- SWAP 2020

Although I haven’t posted much [because I’m waiting the weather, mood, non-wobbliness of hips to take photos of me actually wearing some of the stuff]  I have been preparing blog posts and sewing steadily away. So far I’ve made 2 black linen skirts 2 black shirts [posted] 2 black polo necks 2 white polo necks … Continue reading Interlude- SWAP 2020

El-aboration: Wedding Dress #3

  It all got pretty busy.  Here’s the timeline of the work so far.  [I think I got slightly ahead of myself in the last post!] BLOG POST #1 Ele-mentary November- project first broached. December/January- styles discussed, budget and deadline set. February- visit to Bridal shops, further style decisions reached, pattern ordered,  toile and main … Continue reading El-aboration: Wedding Dress #3

Lolloping along

I’m actually propranol-olloping, which isn’t anywhere near as bouncy as it might sound.  The doctor upped my dose of beta-blockers a week ago, to ward off the stress related migraines that my job is giving me.  I’m finding it pretty hard to adjust, and feel bone-weary, and often light-headed and dizzy.  Fortunately, we’re into exam … Continue reading Lolloping along