Cutting Edge

Happy Christmas! My holidays have started, and there was a glimmer of light at the very end of term, hinting that things MIGHT improve slightly next year.  Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’ve got some sew-jo bubbling and fizzing.  I’ll be doing some end-of-year summary   posts over the next couple of weeks, but there’s plenty of … Continue reading Cutting Edge

Boning up [again]

CoBloWriMo (Costume Blog Writing Month) Day 3, prompt 3: “Write about a new technique that you have learned recently or would like to learn” I made my first corset, following ‘instructions’ from the corset bible, ‘Corsets and Crinolines.’  It was OK, wearable-ish, but didn’t fit me well.  I also couldn’t afford proper gubbins back then, … Continue reading Boning up [again]