Market Forces

No I’m not going to talk about THAT, I still feel very raw and upset.  Instead, a  distraction:  two more dates for rag market meets, which will follow neatly after all my exam marking and the start of my summer break.  Get your diaries, and book those tickets, join us for some fabric frenzy: Tuesday … Continue reading Market Forces

Rag Week , Part 2

Edited to fit with the latest prompt for CoBloWriMo Day 4: ” Write about a recent event you’ve been to or trip you’ve taken.” Oh my aching toeses!  Home again after the second Rag Market trip this week.  I was going to be soooo good, I only wanted some ivory ribbon for my armistice blouse. … Continue reading Rag Week , Part 2

Graffiti and roses

A short post, and unfortunately rather blurry pics of the work in progress…I promise I’ll take better ones when I get this done! The fabric is of course from The Textile Centre on ebay, I bought 2 panels, each with 3 large orange roses on a random graffiti/newsprint background.  Dawn didn’t really fancy large roses … Continue reading Graffiti and roses