Shellfish Sewing

or The Trials and Tribulations of the Lobstertail Bustle: What a fab pattern.  Honest, it goes together like a dream!  There are only 4 pattern pieces, plus the waistband, which hardly counts.  I sewed it up very speedily, and was very impressed by the excellent pattern markings for the boning casings- they go across quite a … Continue reading Shellfish Sewing

Clock lobster!

I’m trying reeeeeeally hard to get some mojo back, despite the drug-haze.  I’ve managed a little cutting spree [you know how much I love cutting out].  So now, the cut-out-but-not-sewn-yet pile consists of denim jodhpurs mock suede bodice for the wife silk bodice for the wife [procrastinating because I can’t NOT cord them now…] silk/cotton … Continue reading Clock lobster!

Steaming On #11

My skirt and underpinnings…a teaser Black taffeta, front panel slightly A line, back panel half circle with a single pleat.  V-shaped yoke at front, slightly curved at the back.  Wide waistband, fastening at the side. I used the yoke pattern from that Gunne Saxe suit, and extended it out 2″ either side to accommodate my … Continue reading Steaming On #11