Kiss and Mac up!

Grrrrrooooaaaan. Well the rest of the coat was easy enough, even though I tortured myself by doing felled seams which will be completely hidden by the lining, because, I guess, more waterproof?  Dunno.  My usual slipshod topstitching, meh, whatever that’s why I don’t go for contrast!  Some of the tightly curved seams were a bitch … Continue reading Kiss and Mac up!

Burda 7029 #8: Les boutons, les boutons, hi hi hi, hon hon hon!

The end is nigh.  Sewing down facings, sewing on buttons.  Many buttons.  Many, many buttons.   After I’d sewn the collar facing down, I decided it was too floppy, so I opened it back up, and slipped in a folded, starched piece of silk organza. Better.  Not stiff and uncomfortable, but should hold up nicely. … Continue reading Burda 7029 #8: Les boutons, les boutons, hi hi hi, hon hon hon!


I persuaded the missus to drive me into town to buy buttons.  A short jaunt, which involved many flights of stairs because the carpark was RAMMED! I chose some buttons, then some more buttons, then some buttons for the other thing, then some spare cover-it-yourself buttons.  YAY BUTTONS!  I also got a bag/purse frame, because … Continue reading AbFabFrickardian

Rag Week, Part 1

As in, Birmingham Rag Market and all the other good stuff. I used to do regular Birmingham sewing meet-ups, but have let them drift over the last year, and decided to resurrect the fun this week while I’m on holiday.  As a member of the Steampunk Seamstress Squadron on FaceBook, I offered to act as … Continue reading Rag Week, Part 1