Steamy Windows!

Not Tina Turner [grrrr-owl] but Steampunk of course.  Lincoln’s Weekend at the Asylum, 2018.  This is a long post, I’ve pinched lots of pictures from Facebook because we NEVER see all the best stuff!  It should have been posted a few days ago, but IMGUR went wonky and I couldn’t attach any pictures.  Enjoy! We … Continue reading Steamy Windows!

Action and Distraction

It’s been a horrible week at work, battling against managerial incompetence and the usual bullying.  I’m only working four days a week now, to protect my tenuous grasp on sanity, but it can still feel like ten days.  Sigh.  My sewing mojo is struggling to get me into action most days. Half term now though, … Continue reading Action and Distraction

Half and half

Half term, half a tooth and not-quite-halfway through all the cathedral window quilting. A week off work is always nice, even with the knowledge that the NEXT half term is EIGHT WEEKS LONG.  Good grief.  It’s very difficult to keep the energy flowing in the classroom with Christmas on the horizon, and we’re also supposed … Continue reading Half and half

Hard at work…

…in more than one sense.  Hard at work still sewing, even though not much has been finished yet.  And meanwhile, at work, it’s hard.  Very hard. Still, my new timetable gives me a long weekend instead of a midweek break, like last year, and I’m adjusting to the change of pace.  Plenty of time to … Continue reading Hard at work…

Licking the windows

Getting faster! I also looked at lots of images of 1890s skirts, trying to work out how to get what is basically a gored, A line shape, fuller at the back from…squares.  These things are not going to make up obligingly into A shapes.  Nope.  Not gonna happen. Then it came to me.  Maths.   … Continue reading Licking the windows