Arrr-t for Arrr-t’s sake: Panto #1

Well, I’m going for it! LGBTQ+-friendly theatre group ‘Pride & Joy’, production of Treasure Island, for this November.  The usual practically-zero budget, but a small cast, with most only needing one costume.  Piratical silliness, and a DAME!  A DAME FOLKS I’M SO HAPPY!  Oh, and a lobster.  And a parrot. If you’re planning to come … Continue reading Arrr-t for Arrr-t’s sake: Panto #1

Still here, honest!

Totally immersed in Oz coz, and making excellent progress.  It’s not just munchkins folks!  There’s more than 20 kids involved, as the show ia largely double-cast, and the dancers/extras are all playing multiple parts, some needing four or five costume changes. Very few roles have been cast so that costumes can be shared, even with … Continue reading Still here, honest!

Acting out?

[Warning- waffly reminiscence post coming up!] For a few years, back in the 90s when my kids were small, I made costumes for a local amateur opera company. I’d always been interested in historical costumes, loving the covers of my mum’s extensive paperback collection! In 1970. I watched ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ with … Continue reading Acting out?