The lunatics have taken over my Asylum!

Harlots and Angels ‘Asylum’ corset, in a rather stoosh, pricey patterned coutil from Vena Cava.  I cut this out before Xmas, and it sank to the bottom of the sewing pile.  Until today.  I whizzed the busk in [getting quite good at that] and zoomed all the seams together, carefully measuring the unusually generous 3/4″ … Continue reading The lunatics have taken over my Asylum!

Bodice Conscious

How long has it been since I cut these out?  I looked back, and found it was…oh dear, JANUARY when I made the toile.  The original inspiration was this image And I found McCall’s 4713 to adapt for something approximating to the look.  I cut out two, one in the very last fragment’s of Dawn’s … Continue reading Bodice Conscious