Making the Cut- more SWAP 2020 prep

…but still no sewing I spent a fair amount of time cutting and fusing interfacing for three shirts and a dress, then realised I also needed lining for the V8858 skirt, so found a bit of cotton lawn in a rose pink- a weird colour for me [it was a bargain when I bought it … Continue reading Making the Cut- more SWAP 2020 prep

Interim Report

I only seem to be able to find the energy to sew at weekends, so I’m not progressing to my expected schedule…but stuff IS happening on the panto front, honest!   Work is going swimmingly, maths club and sewing club underway, and this week we started up an after school session as a ‘clone’ of a … Continue reading Interim Report

Still here, honest!

Totally immersed in Oz coz, and making excellent progress.  It’s not just munchkins folks!  There’s more than 20 kids involved, as the show ia largely double-cast, and the dancers/extras are all playing multiple parts, some needing four or five costume changes. Very few roles have been cast so that costumes can be shared, even with … Continue reading Still here, honest!

Clock lobster!

I’m trying reeeeeeally hard to get some mojo back, despite the drug-haze.  I’ve managed a little cutting spree [you know how much I love cutting out].  So now, the cut-out-but-not-sewn-yet pile consists of denim jodhpurs mock suede bodice for the wife silk bodice for the wife [procrastinating because I can’t NOT cord them now…] silk/cotton … Continue reading Clock lobster!

Steaming on #3

Back from Leeds, and [fairly] refreshed, I faced the job of cutting out the steam punk jacket and bodice this afternoon. It’s a good job that the taffeta and satin fabrics were bargainalicious, as the pattern yardages are excessive to say the least.  I have nearly 2m of the green left, and considerably more of … Continue reading Steaming on #3

Cutting a Swathe

That was me over the last couple of days, choppy choppy, hacky hacky!  Then HOURS today of pressy pressy, fusey fusey, bastey bastey.  I then had a brain burp and decided that I wanted contrast facing finishes in EVERYTHING.  So lots of bias cutting. The results? A mega-heap of sewing waiting for a couple of … Continue reading Cutting a Swathe