‘Tis done!  The parrot has landed! V2813, stretch cotton sateen panel print from The Textile Centre. A couple more buttonholes, loads of teensy buttons to sew on [I used ones left from my daughter’s wedding dress for now, they may end up different colours courtesy of nail varnish].  A few ‘French tacks’ [whatever they may … Continue reading Polly-amorous!

Parrot fashion

Hurrah!  The worst of the marking is over, and time for sewing hath returned! I still have one unit to mark, but plenty of time to do it, so the pressure is off.  I had a bit of TOIL stacked up at work. and booked today off, intending to try to join my lovely wife … Continue reading Parrot fashion

Cutting remarks

I’ve just had a cutting out marathon.  I love cutting fabric, especially with my uber shears, and having a whole heap waiting to start sewing makes me very happy indeed!  This is what I produced: Two pairs of Style Arc Flat Bottom Flo trousers, in the newly-arrived blue leopard and pale blue stretch twill. Two … Continue reading Cutting remarks

Graffiti and roses

A short post, and unfortunately rather blurry pics of the work in progress…I promise I’ll take better ones when I get this done! The fabric is of course from The Textile Centre on ebay, I bought 2 panels, each with 3 large orange roses on a random graffiti/newsprint background.  Dawn didn’t really fancy large roses … Continue reading Graffiti and roses