Allsorts! Panto #8

Everything I may or may not have mentioned up til now, and what DIDN’T work out…  PROBABLY the last panto post, you’ll be relieved to know!  the parrot costume.  After Billy Bones hands over the treasure map and dies, the actor was thrust back on stage to act as Long John Silver’s missing parrot for … Continue reading Allsorts! Panto #8

Wedding #3:

3 of 5 First fitting.  After much consideration, and some careful measuring, I decided to have a go at draping the shell top directly onto Jackie.  Eeek!  She’d taken my advice and bought a very well-fitting bra, and also remembered to wear it to each fitting [I’d have biffed her if she hadn’t lol] She … Continue reading Wedding #3:

Future Challenges

Following on from the CoBloWriMo prompt the other day about ‘dream projects’, I’m just adding a link to my Pinterest board, featuring some fabulous images that I’d love to make one day.  I already showed the accordion collar shirt, and there are more images of it on the board. Most of the others are items … Continue reading Future Challenges