Un-pickety witch- Purple passion pants #2

I took a deep breath [and swore a bit] and started unpicking.  Overlocked, topstitched unpicking.  Yes.  That. At least the unpicking was pretty, as I have the overlocker threaded in a medley of green blue and purple, cos why not? I made myself more grumpy by finishing off listening to a crap audiobook [‘A Discovery … Continue reading Un-pickety witch- Purple passion pants #2

Tease for…Toile

Get it?  Get it?  Oh, I’ll get me coat. Just in case you thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth- I’m hanging on by my finger nails, but still here.  And yesterday, I did the first fitting of this year’s wedding dress project.  I will not be blogging about this until July, for … Continue reading Tease for…Toile

Wedding #3:

3 of 5 First fitting.  After much consideration, and some careful measuring, I decided to have a go at draping the shell top directly onto Jackie.  Eeek!  She’d taken my advice and bought a very well-fitting bra, and also remembered to wear it to each fitting [I’d have biffed her if she hadn’t lol] She … Continue reading Wedding #3:

Shirty McShirt Face…

…and a little fabric porn. My payday parcels are arriving, so far I have the WONDROUS off-white silk satin, antique glass buttons, and a load of lace trim. I’ve decided to replace the buttons on my green riding jacket, as the blackness of the soutache makes them look grey, so we’re using them for the … Continue reading Shirty McShirt Face…

A bum deal

I have spent today trying to improve the fit on the wife’s trousers.  Some swearing, some hilarity, but I think I’ve learned from it. I’m concentrating for now on the StyleArc Sammi, as we both like the bootcut shape.  I tried some alterations on the Willow as well, but I’ll explain why I’ve pushed them … Continue reading A bum deal