Buzz Cut [and Sewn]

Frumble fabrics foil print cotton jersey, New Look 6735 tried and tested T shirt pattern.  I missed out the CB seam this time, to make this a little looser and more casual [and not to mess with THE BEES!] Very fast and simple make, fun to wear.  I’m buzzing!  Well, I won’t drone on, talking … Continue reading Buzz Cut [and Sewn]

Science Fantasy

More Frumble fabric, this time science/maths chalkboard print on navy background [‘supernova navy’], and yet another New Look 6735 This time I did keep the CB seam for shaping, and went for short sleeves for a change.  I don’t like my arms, not because they are flabby but because I’m prone to pimples on my … Continue reading Science Fantasy

Crossing my T’s

Two T shirts, New Look 6735 yet AGAIN [sorry, it’s dull, but I love it and need T shirts!] Fabulous quality aqua jersey, cotton with plenty of lycra, from [I think] Frumble yet again.  Rapidly becoming a top favourite supplier… I made one in the plain aqua with short sleeves, and the other with the … Continue reading Crossing my T’s

Otterly Delightful!

Michael Miller Otter print cotton [from Frumble of course], and yet another Jennifer Lauren Afternoon blouse.  Must make one up as a dress I think…. No fuss, no frills, I can knock these up with barely a thought.  I do stitch the front down below the Vs as I find it gapes a little, and … Continue reading Otterly Delightful!

Short Cuts

Hurrah!  I’ve done as much marking as I can stomach [there#s always a bit of bonus marking up for grabs, but I truly don’t have the energy.  Trip-trap into the sewing room, fondling lengths of fabric and making FAST decisions.  Those scissors NEEDED me I tell you! So, a few hours later, I have a … Continue reading Short Cuts

Oh Dear Oh Dear…

Hello possums! Have you missed me?  Did you even notice I haven’t been doing any normal sewing for AGES? Well, I’m in an insane flurry right now, feeling unwell [some horrible stomach bug, I look like I’m pregnant] and marking three A level papers simultaneously.  Bad planning, what can I say? So I decided to … Continue reading Oh Dear Oh Dear…

In the pink!

SWAP #9? Maybe #10? Is it?  Another New Look 6735 t-shirt in pink/blue stripe premium cotton/lycra from Frumble fabrics. Pink!  Me!  Who’da thunk?  Well the inspiration colour palette does contain some pinky shades, [see above] I was itching to buy some more of this premium jersey, the other colours ways were pretty meh, and hey, … Continue reading In the pink!

Earning my Stripes…

Probably another SWAP item:  New Look 6735, striped lycra fabric from Frumble Fabrics I’ve made many of these t shirts- the fit is great thanks to a curved back seam, the neckline is a perfect scoop without exposing bras or boobs, and the neckband is a perfect fit every time.  Seriously, buy it.  The skirt … Continue reading Earning my Stripes…


What a brilliant day! I wore my new red cashmere coat to work, and started getting compliments before I even got into the building…I swear, if you need your mood lifted, wear red! [blog post as soon as I get pics] My boss had followed through on my nagging of the previous days, and my … Continue reading CELEBRATE!