Otterly Delightful!

Michael Miller Otter print cotton [from Frumble of course], and yet another Jennifer Lauren Afternoon blouse.  Must make one up as a dress I think…. No fuss, no frills, I can knock these up with barely a thought.  I do stitch the front down below the Vs as I find it gapes a little, and … Continue reading Otterly Delightful!

Short Cuts

Hurrah!  I’ve done as much marking as I can stomach [there#s always a bit of bonus marking up for grabs, but I truly don’t have the energy.  Trip-trap into the sewing room, fondling lengths of fabric and making FAST decisions.  Those scissors NEEDED me I tell you! So, a few hours later, I have a … Continue reading Short Cuts

Afternoon Delight

Another blouse from the Jennifer Lauren ‘Afternoon Blouse’ pattern.  This was whizzed up in an hour or so using more of the delicious shot-aqua silk dupion which used to be a curtain.  I’ve previously made my absolute favourite steampunk top from this fabric, remember it? I was absolutely knackered when I made this, after a … Continue reading Afternoon Delight

Good Afternoon

The Afternoon [dress and] blouse by Jennifer Lauren I squeezed this out of a piece of [fairly pricey] textured linen.  I cut the size 18, and used silk organza for the interfacing. I don’t like the look of the giant button on the front, so I used 2 vintagey glass-looking  ones instead. [They may even … Continue reading Good Afternoon