Two-Lani Traffic

Style Arc Lani tunic x 2 Both pieced, may or not make it into the SWAP collection.  Why?  Well, I’m making more than the required 11 items, for one thing, but also because I’m having trouble deciding what to count as my ‘print’ or ‘prints’.  I have my 2 neutrals, black and grey [and these … Continue reading Two-Lani Traffic

Up the Cut

What’s she on about now? Preparing to cut out took longer than expected!  On the cutting table, two more Style Arc Lani tunics.  Now, the first one turned out nicely, but I dodged the FBA bullet by making the fronts out of jersey…and there’s still a little evidence that an FBA would have helped [I … Continue reading Up the Cut

Action and Distraction

It’s been a horrible week at work, battling against managerial incompetence and the usual bullying.  I’m only working four days a week now, to protect my tenuous grasp on sanity, but it can still feel like ten days.  Sigh.  My sewing mojo is struggling to get me into action most days. Half term now though, … Continue reading Action and Distraction

Life in the Fast Lani

SWAP 2018, Style Arc Lani tunic, various oddments of jersey plus pin-tucked silvergrey taffeta This one was a beast to cut out [see my earlier adventures in this post] but very satisfying on the hardly-any-waste front.  The pattern itself was sent to me by Style Arc after I commented on the problems I had with … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lani

Cut to the bone…

More cutting out of SWAP items, plus some pics to prove how good the ‘almost no waste’ cutting went. Ruffle skirt [non-Swap, but hey-ho] I mean, look at that!       Then the red velvet top Impressive! The grey taffeta was the best though: Next I got two trouser patterns out, both size 18.  … Continue reading Cut to the bone…

Zig Style!

StyleArc Ziggi jacket #3 Good news or bad news? Bad first I think: I basted in a sleeve and [fortunately] checked it on the missus.  Eeek.  As I’d taken some bodice width out under the arm, I knew some would have to go from the sleeve, so took a stab [this is me you know] … Continue reading Zig Style!