Too Big for your Britches?-Panto #7

Almost all the characters need britches, and I started by digging through my copy of ‘Patterns for Theatrical Costumes’ but ended up using it for other bits and bobs. I made fall-front breeches from S4923 for the Captain and Ben Gunn.  The captain’s were from a fabulous textured blue velvet from the Rag Market, which … Continue reading Too Big for your Britches?-Panto #7

A bit ruffled- Panto #5

Shirts shirts frilly pirate shirts. Just 9 cast members, most with one costume only, still means a fair few shirts. Requirements- Long John Silver, Cap’n Smollett [my Gentleman Jack inspired outfit], Jim Hawkins [going with the Harry Styles look], 2 sidekick pirates [one ‘snobbish’ one ‘sexy’], tattered for Ben Gunn, scruffy for Bones, plus two … Continue reading A bit ruffled- Panto #5