Monthly Making

2016 in pictures I make this 45 garments [I thought it would be more, but hey-ho, some were extremely time-consuming] 11 for Dawn, 4 for other family members…and 30 for me.  Ahem.  Selfish sewing alert!  Of that thirty, only 6 items weren’t steampunk or dress-up.  Hilarious! On the extrememly positive side, I don’t think I’ve … Continue reading Monthly Making

Wife of wives…

…which is how Lalume, played by Dolores Grey, is introduced in ‘Kismet’ [1955]. Phoo-er,  I love that film [as I may have mentioned before], and its fabulously luscious old-Hollywood costumes.  We walked down the ‘aisle’ to the wonderful ‘Night of my Nights’. Years later, I went to see a stage production, and was ITCHING to … Continue reading Wife of wives…

Bodice Shop

Time goes so fast when I’m on holiday!  I’m actually struggling to get my sewing speed up to normal- maybe I have just too many things on the back burner, so I can’t get a move on.  I spent most of yesterday messing on the PC or napping, and finally got down to some sewing … Continue reading Bodice Shop

Feeling shirty

Just made the missus another shirt, McCall’s 6076 again, but this time using the princess seams that finish at the shoulder.  It’s in the clock fabric we got from Barry’s a few weeks ago, metallic finish buttons from the rag market.   French seams throughout the body and sleeves, armscye bound with some khaki green … Continue reading Feeling shirty

Groovy Baby!

There’s just something about purple velvet…even if it’s moleskin if you know what I mean?  The missus is very happy with this shirt, and I think the colour suits her beautifully.  It will also segue nicely into the steampunk wardrobe, just add a nice cravat, and it will look brilliant! As usual, she moaned about … Continue reading Groovy Baby!

Shirty McShirt Face…

…and a little fabric porn. My payday parcels are arriving, so far I have the WONDROUS off-white silk satin, antique glass buttons, and a load of lace trim. I’ve decided to replace the buttons on my green riding jacket, as the blackness of the soutache makes them look grey, so we’re using them for the … Continue reading Shirty McShirt Face…

Like a leder balloon

Sigh.  Come on now, I spend MINUTES thinking up these rubbish puns, the least you could do is smile.  Or groan.  Or something. I’ve spent ages taping and trimming and cutting out the three PDF patterns.  Blimey McCall’s, what a lot of wasted paper!  Someone needs to look a little more closely at the way … Continue reading Like a leder balloon

Getting Quite Shirty

The trousers have not been dropped [fner fner] but c’mon, trousers are pretty easy and boring to make…so I let myself be distracted by wifey’s other obsession:  shirts. I’ve already made her several I went download mad yesterday, and some more PDFs.  Sigh.  Payday weekend, internet connection, someone stop me! I found a designer that … Continue reading Getting Quite Shirty