Feeling shirty- SWAP 2020

McCall’s 6436 shirt, black stretch cotton poplin, fancy ‘silver’ buttons.  Pretty much straight out of the packet, D cup front, no darts in back, and shortened a little.  I also reduced the cuff size as I have fairly skinny wrists!  I used the Folkwear Frontier shirt placket as usual. Very straightforward, despite the sewing machine … Continue reading Feeling shirty- SWAP 2020

Monthly Making

2016 in pictures I make this 45 garments [I thought it would be more, but hey-ho, some were extremely time-consuming] 11 for Dawn, 4 for other family members…and 30 for me.  Ahem.  Selfish sewing alert!  Of that thirty, only 6 items weren’t steampunk or dress-up.  Hilarious! On the extrememly positive side, I don’t think I’ve … Continue reading Monthly Making

Penguin Shirt

  On another of this year’s market visits, we found some lovely penguin print fabric.  We cooed over it, but moved on.  Later, one of the party [was it you Kim?] went back to get some after all, and I thought I might as well give into the urge too [I’m so strong willed] and … Continue reading Penguin Shirt

Like a Boss

Is thata  joke where you live?  Tacking ‘like a boss’ onto any banal activity to make it ironic?  Works for me.  Anyway, given that this is Hugo Boss linen fabric, the missus is definitely modelling it ‘like a boss’. I only had to nag and threaten a bit to get her out in the sunshine … Continue reading Like a Boss