Slowly but surely…

…I’m regaining energy and mojo for sewing.  The new job is going very well- as exhausting and time-greedy as I expected, but I’m finding my feet quickly, the kids are fine, and staff are a real team, which is amazing. I’m wearing my return-to-work wardrobe, which mixes and matches to great effect, and I get … Continue reading Slowly but surely…

The Final Cut

More cutting out- even I’m getting bored now! Closet Case Files ‘Bombshell’ swimsuit in bright blue lycra left over from Dawn’s unitard [not yet blogged].  Super-stretchy stuff is so hard to judge!  I’m hoping this will be true to size.  I’ve cut  along three different pattern lines to sort out my hips bust and waist, … Continue reading The Final Cut


The marking is DONE for another year, the holidays can begin!  I’ve had two days in my new workplace, and it’s going to be GREAT I just know it…they actually have a staff well-being programme!  Blimey! So tomorrow I will be getting on with some sewing, snoozing, and getting the maths out of my brain … Continue reading FINALLY!


Okeri-Jokery?  Oh I give up.  The Oki Style ‘Joker’ shirt. WOW.  Just WOW.  This is one cooooool pattern, so of course, the missus pounced on it right away.  I already had the lovely heavy weight stretch cotton poplin, with white self-stripe that I’d used for my Style Arc ‘Juliet’ shirt #2, and the wife had … Continue reading Oki-Jokey…


Oki-style Sasha skirt, purple/green cotton plaid Here are the pics from the website                                       Oki is apparently a Mongolian designer, living and working in Germany.  Her style is quirky, interesting, and has a Japanese feel to it … Continue reading Oki-Dokey

Up the Cut

What’s she on about now? Preparing to cut out took longer than expected!  On the cutting table, two more Style Arc Lani tunics.  Now, the first one turned out nicely, but I dodged the FBA bullet by making the fronts out of jersey…and there’s still a little evidence that an FBA would have helped [I … Continue reading Up the Cut

Frilled to Bits!

I got it! The bay of E did it again, and I have my natty new pattern winging its way from the US… Think I may dig out the rest of this purple taffets and see how much I haveleft. Could work, what do you think? There’s also some of the lilac.  I think it … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!