Two-Lani Traffic

Style Arc Lani tunic x 2 Both pieced, may or not make it into the SWAP collection.  Why?  Well, I’m making more than the required 11 items, for one thing, but also because I’m having trouble deciding what to count as my ‘print’ or ‘prints’.  I have my 2 neutrals, black and grey [and these … Continue reading Two-Lani Traffic

Life in the Fast Lani

SWAP 2018, Style Arc Lani tunic, various oddments of jersey plus pin-tucked silvergrey taffeta This one was a beast to cut out [see my earlier adventures in this post] but very satisfying on the hardly-any-waste front.  The pattern itself was sent to me by Style Arc after I commented on the problems I had with … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lani

Easy Piece-y

SWAP 2018 #4:  Butterick 6287 pieced tunic.  Using print and red fabrics salvaged from much-loved dresses, and scraps of black viscose jersey. Fabric-wise, this is a complete nightmare.  The print is an unidentified poly from the market, quite slinky and silky but with medium heft.  The red embossed [sweater knit?] was another market find from … Continue reading Easy Piece-y

Short Cut

Well, fairly short.More SWAP gear.  Today, black jersey with mesh detailing, V8793, a Tilton pattern I’ve used before.  I’ve cut the double collar, but may not use it, we’ll see.  That was easy. Then, a pieced B6287.  A favourite pattern, I wear the 2 tops I made from this a lot.  One pattern piece went … Continue reading Short Cut