A-Lister: SWAP 2020

So, I did my year’s review, went through all the blog posts of 2019…and finally remembered that it’s SWAP time. Sheesh. Here are this year’s rules: Your Perfect Vision – SWAP 2020 11 pieces, in two groups: 9 or 10 that may coordinate (be worn together) to form outfits 1 or 2 that MUST coordinate (be able to be … Continue reading A-Lister: SWAP 2020

Interim Report

I only seem to be able to find the energy to sew at weekends, so I’m not progressing to my expected schedule…but stuff IS happening on the panto front, honest!   Work is going swimmingly, maths club and sewing club underway, and this week we started up an after school session as a ‘clone’ of a … Continue reading Interim Report

Short Cuts

Hurrah!  I’ve done as much marking as I can stomach [there#s always a bit of bonus marking up for grabs, but I truly don’t have the energy.  Trip-trap into the sewing room, fondling lengths of fabric and making FAST decisions.  Those scissors NEEDED me I tell you! So, a few hours later, I have a … Continue reading Short Cuts

Still here, honest!

Totally immersed in Oz coz, and making excellent progress.  It’s not just munchkins folks!  There’s more than 20 kids involved, as the show ia largely double-cast, and the dancers/extras are all playing multiple parts, some needing four or five costume changes. Very few roles have been cast so that costumes can be shared, even with … Continue reading Still here, honest!


The fabric samples for the MOB dress just arrived, and I don’t think I’m any closer to making my choice than before!  ‘Shades of blue in silk chiffon’…and there we halt. I ordered 6 samples, which were over-priced enough to discourage me from wasting more cash on them.  The dress is made in multiple layers … Continue reading MOB-ility

Making plans…

Left in the Box-of-Abandonment [Not yet consigned to the Crate of Shame, but who knows what will trasnpire?]… The Bombshell swimsuit which is ALMOST good but needs tweaking.  But who needs a swimsuit in November?  Not this Fairy. Style Arc Daisy trousers in black linen:  too wide, weird pockets.  the fabric is worth saving though, … Continue reading Making plans…


The marking is DONE for another year, the holidays can begin!  I’ve had two days in my new workplace, and it’s going to be GREAT I just know it…they actually have a staff well-being programme!  Blimey! So tomorrow I will be getting on with some sewing, snoozing, and getting the maths out of my brain … Continue reading FINALLY!

Marking Time

Yes, it’s started- I’m already nearly halfway through the first 2 of four modules, and have learned lots about the new exams.  Tiring, but most productive. I’m still waiting for written confirmation of the job offer so I can hand in my notice, but am feeling SO much better already- sleeping more soundly, no nervous tum … Continue reading Marking Time