Market Forces

No I’m not going to talk about THAT, I still feel very raw and upset.  Instead, a  distraction:  two more dates for rag market meets, which will follow neatly after all my exam marking and the start of my summer break.  Get your diaries, and book those tickets, join us for some fabric frenzy: Tuesday … Continue reading Market Forces

Rag Week , Part 2

Edited to fit with the latest prompt for CoBloWriMo Day 4: ” Write about a recent event you’ve been to or trip you’ve taken.” Oh my aching toeses!  Home again after the second Rag Market trip this week.  I was going to be soooo good, I only wanted some ivory ribbon for my armistice blouse. … Continue reading Rag Week , Part 2

Rag Week, Part 1

As in, Birmingham Rag Market and all the other good stuff. I used to do regular Birmingham sewing meet-ups, but have let them drift over the last year, and decided to resurrect the fun this week while I’m on holiday.  As a member of the Steampunk Seamstress Squadron on FaceBook, I offered to act as … Continue reading Rag Week, Part 1

Perfect Day

A long lie in A lovely bubbly bath A jaunt into town to buy buttons from the rag market Birmingham Independent Food Fair [nom nom nom burp] a little drinkipoo in the afternoon sunshine dinner at the theatre and TWO decadent desserts An evening with Alan Carr We ate til we burst and laughed til … Continue reading Perfect Day

Steaming on #1

The fabrics are due to arrive tomorrow, and the wife has started to get into the creative mood… We dashed into the rag market today, and I then went rummaging int my theatrical claptrap boxes upstairs, locating a variety of broken jewellery and baubles left over from my younger daughter’s Tim Burton inspired wedding decor. … Continue reading Steaming on #1

The Right Stuff

Do you buy all the right stuff for your projects?  Is your sewing virtuous and saintly?  Do you obediently follow all the lists for notions, yardage and fabric type? I used to, oh yes.  When I wanted to make something, I’d go into town, spend hours browsing all the pattern books in our big department … Continue reading The Right Stuff

Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]

** post delayed while waiting for the missus to do  photo shoot!** I haven’t been feeling up to much all week really, but finally had a mammoth cutting out session on Sunday afternoon.  I got cracking on bank holiday Monday, and decided to tackle the ‘non white’ sewing first, as I hate threading and re … Continue reading Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]