Something for the Weekend

Here’s this weekend’s sewing plan:  Attach a buckle to the red pattern-testing dress, which will complete it.  Here are my options [just arrived], I veer towards the little rhombus, which is supposed to clip into the white frame…but I don’t like that] Then I want to fix by lovely Vogue#1405 dress.  The hem went all … Continue reading Something for the Weekend

Para-medic #1

Well, parasol medic really… Remember this poor battered parasol I found on ebay? I decided I really should get going and bring it back to life, especially since another one which also needs TLC. No, not that TLC silly… Here’s my second rescued baby: Green!  And that pretty tassel!  And it has that cute … Continue reading Para-medic #1

Steaming On #13 1/2

Progress!  Teaser time: My skirt:  finished. D’s shirt:  finished. Ma’s dress sleeves:  finished. Cocopop dress: finished [again.] Progress on the hat, bias neckband for the shift cut and pinned, and nearly enough space cleared to cut out the waistcoat. Yesterday’s doldrums well and truly kicked into touch. A few teaser pics, full outfit once shift … Continue reading Steaming On #13 1/2

Steaming On #12

Hello! Have you missed me?  No? *sulk/huff* I’ve been enrolling at college all week, and then sorting out all the MIS-enrolments made by other staff onto ‘my’ courses.  Quite boring, and I’ve been coming home every night and having a ‘nap’ that lasts until almost bedtime.  Riotous stuff eh? Still, it’s a long weekend now, … Continue reading Steaming On #12