Marking, work, marking, work…blah blah.  I’ve genuinely been too busy to stop and watch TV [except for the finale of GoT, OMG I nearly blew up like wildfire!] And on the subject of Game of Thrones, THIS DRESS!  THOSE SHOULDER PIECES!  Oooh I’ve got some stuff swirling in my fevered little brain right now, I … Continue reading Bee-Gone!

Mebbe, mebbe not…

…or possibly just ‘Meh.  Bee.’ Dull dull dull dull dull.  Did I say dull?  Why do the ruddy judges feel the need to dramatics their discussion/commentary?  I mean, blimey, it’s SEWING.  Everyone watching knows it’s sewing, and sewing is not EXCITING no matter how much you enjoy it.  Agitating, yes, but exciting?  Every bloody week, … Continue reading Mebbe, mebbe not…

Sewing Bee #4-Not so bad

It was better this week, don’t you think?  Mr Beardy is getting really bitchy with the contestants, yet everyone smiles and simpers at him, while I screech imprecations at the screen.  Edna Mode looks suitably pinch-lipped at times, and Madame Tango still requires a thorough slapping… The ‘educational’ segment this week didn’t appear [to me] … Continue reading Sewing Bee #4-Not so bad

Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

Undie-veloped Undie-cided Undies.  Yep, it was lingerie week [horribly mispronounced throughout the show by everyone except Edna Mode- I love her, it’s official]. IT’S NOT lahn-jer-AY people, it’s lahn-jer-EEEEEEEEEEEEE! And breathe.  [As annoying as everyone mispronouncing ‘toile’ lol.] Anyway.  The usual nonsense ensued.  They had to follow a pattern make a stretch bra [or bralet … Continue reading Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed