Perfect Day

A long lie in A lovely bubbly bath A jaunt into town to buy buttons from the rag market Birmingham Independent Food Fair [nom nom nom burp] a little drinkipoo in the afternoon sunshine dinner at the theatre and TWO decadent desserts An evening with Alan Carr We ate til we burst and laughed til … Continue reading Perfect Day

Steaming On #12

Hello! Have you missed me?  No? *sulk/huff* I’ve been enrolling at college all week, and then sorting out all the MIS-enrolments made by other staff onto ‘my’ courses.  Quite boring, and I’ve been coming home every night and having a ‘nap’ that lasts until almost bedtime.  Riotous stuff eh? Still, it’s a long weekend now, … Continue reading Steaming On #12

Steaming on #1

The fabrics are due to arrive tomorrow, and the wife has started to get into the creative mood… We dashed into the rag market today, and I then went rummaging int my theatrical claptrap boxes upstairs, locating a variety of broken jewellery and baubles left over from my younger daughter’s Tim Burton inspired wedding decor. … Continue reading Steaming on #1