6Nap skirt: good enough is good enough!

The skirt is done, bar the lining, and the jacket is ready for fitting:  I’ve sewn up the back panels using the alterations to the pattern as used previously.  No fuss.  The front panels, where all the fitting takes place, are currently just a calico layer [which should become the underlining.  The weird stretchy wet … Continue reading 6Nap skirt: good enough is good enough!


I was so determined to finish this bloody silk bodice today.  It’s been sitting there, part done, for so ruddy long, making me feel guilty.  I just spent the best part of an hour carefully clipping, trimming and pressing all the ruddy princess seams in the silk, and in the coutil lining.  I’m all hot … Continue reading AAArrrrggghhh!

Steampunk Napoleon

No, not that, this: The ‘Six Napoleon Challenge’ This amazing dress has been offered up as a challenge/inspiration by  Marianna of Sew2Pro. The idea is we make up something inspired by this image by July 14th, Bastille Day.  [Although I have asked for an extension as I’m still in marking season then.] My lovely missus … Continue reading Steampunk Napoleon


CoBloWriMo Day 7: ‘Write about one of your favourite resources.’ Wah!  Well, I’m afraid I’m going to be a complete copycat here, and piggyback on another blogger following this challenge.  Sorry Aurora, I’m going with eBay too! No, hang on, let’s stretch it a tad:  I choose t’Internet itself. Every payday, I go and have … Continue reading Resourceful

Shirty McShirt Face…

…and a little fabric porn. My payday parcels are arriving, so far I have the WONDROUS off-white silk satin, antique glass buttons, and a load of lace trim. I’ve decided to replace the buttons on my green riding jacket, as the blackness of the soutache makes them look grey, so we’re using them for the … Continue reading Shirty McShirt Face…

Hello world!

And here I am. That’s me, wearing a recent make, Style Arc ‘Dixie’ in silk chiffon and habotai.  Hand-stitched no less, as I was worried the machine would eat it! Maths lecturer, Facebook game addict, foodie and sewing fiend at your service.  Well, not really at your service, but I may entertain or even on … Continue reading Hello world!