Well that was a better day!  The Armistice Blouse is done, including fourteen buttonholes and teensy buttons.  I also got a parcel [left on the doorstep, which according to Hermes, counts as ‘secure in porch’-humph].  In the parcel, new Fiskars embroidery scissors, and my three-way daylight lamp. The lamp does duty as desk lamp, floor … Continue reading

Tucking in

After a looooong week and marking, and finally completing the first unit [400 papers take longer than you’d think, I can tell you], I managed to snag an hour or two sewing this afternoon before starting on the next unit. Not enough, but it will have to do.  I’ve still got just over three more … Continue reading Tucking in


CoBloWriMo Day 7: ‘Write about one of your favourite resources.’ Wah!  Well, I’m afraid I’m going to be a complete copycat here, and piggyback on another blogger following this challenge.  Sorry Aurora, I’m going with eBay too! No, hang on, let’s stretch it a tad:  I choose t’Internet itself. Every payday, I go and have … Continue reading Resourceful