Crossing my T’s

Two T shirts, New Look 6735 yet AGAIN [sorry, it’s dull, but I love it and need T shirts!] Fabulous quality aqua jersey, cotton with plenty of lycra, from [I think] Frumble yet again.  Rapidly becoming a top favourite supplier… I made one in the plain aqua with short sleeves, and the other with the … Continue reading Crossing my T’s

In the pink!

SWAP #9? Maybe #10? Is it?  Another New Look 6735 t-shirt in pink/blue stripe premium cotton/lycra from Frumble fabrics. Pink!  Me!  Who’da thunk?  Well the inspiration colour palette does contain some pinky shades, [see above] I was itching to buy some more of this premium jersey, the other colours ways were pretty meh, and hey, … Continue reading In the pink!

Earning my Stripes…

Probably another SWAP item:  New Look 6735, striped lycra fabric from Frumble Fabrics I’ve made many of these t shirts- the fit is great thanks to a curved back seam, the neckline is a perfect scoop without exposing bras or boobs, and the neckband is a perfect fit every time.  Seriously, buy it.  The skirt … Continue reading Earning my Stripes…

Starring Stripes

Almost the last 2018 make, I just remembered one more! Vogue 9254,  Marcy Tilton dress.  Teal ponte and multi-stripe ponte What a strange pattern!  I like the cover image, and the line drawing is the usual vagueness expected from Tilton asymmetry and drapiness, so it intrigued me fo some time before I caved and bought … Continue reading Starring Stripes


Okeri-Jokery?  Oh I give up.  The Oki Style ‘Joker’ shirt. WOW.  Just WOW.  This is one cooooool pattern, so of course, the missus pounced on it right away.  I already had the lovely heavy weight stretch cotton poplin, with white self-stripe that I’d used for my Style Arc ‘Juliet’ shirt #2, and the wife had … Continue reading Oki-Jokey…

Stripe Tease

SWAP 2018 #:  KwikSew 4173 tunic, black/grey/white stripey mystery knit The hardest part of this top was origami-folding the pattern pieces when I cut it out!  The fabric is a super lightweight, super stretchy knit. possibly viscose[?] that was given to me by the lovely and generous Kim [The Material Lady]  on one of our … Continue reading Stripe Tease

Another Juliet

StyleArc Juliet shirt, white-on-white striped stretch cotton fabric.  I wear the chambray Juliet shirt quite a lot, and still [to my surprise] like that waist tie feature.  It’s not normally what I’d go for over my fat middle, but somehow, this one works. I tried to make use of the stripes, cutting pieces this way … Continue reading Another Juliet