Pick up the Pieces- Geodesic Sweater revisited

Geodesic sweatshirt, Blueprints for Sewing, multiple offcuts in ponte/  WAY TOO LONG remember? *shudders* I hate unpicking.  Really hate it.  Knit unpicking is the WORST.  Ah well.  I stuck a talking book on and got to it.  The bottom row of triangles came off fairly easily, making  a huge pile of thread snippets, then I … Continue reading Pick up the Pieces- Geodesic Sweater revisited

Giving the Bird

Well I had planned to do some sewing this weekend, but between marking (mock) exam papers and folding origami cranes, I got nowhere near the sewing room. Why the cranes?  Remember my daughter is getting married in August, and she had the idea of using the ‘lucky’ 1000 cranes as decoration, so I got roped … Continue reading Giving the Bird

Muy Linda!

Style Arc ‘Linda’ trousers [yup, still not pants, unh-unh] in navy ponte.  Item #2 for the 2019 SWAP NAVY!  ME!   I haven’t voluntarily worn navy blue since school, and that was over 40 years ago.  I suppose that’s long enough to get over uniform shock… These were the first Style Arc pattern I tried, the … Continue reading Muy Linda!