Mizono in action: V1312 again

After the striped shirtwaist debacle, I wanted a quick fix.  I had already earmarked this lovely stretch cotton brocade, overprinted with huge splashy green roses, [The Textile Centre] for another V1312, and just rummaged in the black-and-white crate for some knit remnant to make the top. Voila! Conveniently, this ticks the boxes for a couple … Continue reading Mizono in action: V1312 again

Quick and Simple

…Kwiksew and Simplicity, to be exact. I’ve just knocked up another Kwiksew 3658 in off-white rib knit from MyFabrics.  I didn’t have the fabric shortage this time, so the sleeves are full length.  It’s a nice fine knit, great for layering.  Nothing much to say, it’s almost entirely done on the overlocker bar the CF … Continue reading Quick and Simple

Cutting Remarks

Woohoo I got me some sew-jo!  I had a mad indulgent splurge last week [payday, can’t help myself] and ordered shedloads of patterns and fabrics.   They’ve been arriving all week, and I finally reached ignition point and got the itch again.  Just a little, but I have put in several hours of pattern prep … Continue reading Cutting Remarks


CoBloWriMo Day 7: ‘Write about one of your favourite resources.’ Wah!  Well, I’m afraid I’m going to be a complete copycat here, and piggyback on another blogger following this challenge.  Sorry Aurora, I’m going with eBay too! No, hang on, let’s stretch it a tad:  I choose t’Internet itself. Every payday, I go and have … Continue reading Resourceful


‘Tis done!  The parrot has landed! V2813, stretch cotton sateen panel print from The Textile Centre. A couple more buttonholes, loads of teensy buttons to sew on [I used ones left from my daughter’s wedding dress for now, they may end up different colours courtesy of nail varnish].  A few ‘French tacks’ [whatever they may … Continue reading Polly-amorous!

Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]

** post delayed while waiting for the missus to do  photo shoot!** I haven’t been feeling up to much all week really, but finally had a mammoth cutting out session on Sunday afternoon.  I got cracking on bank holiday Monday, and decided to tackle the ‘non white’ sewing first, as I hate threading and re … Continue reading Wifey’s wardrobe [and another big shout out for The Textile Centre]

New arrival

Not some Royal sponger, but my lovely parcel of delight from The Textile Centre. Oooh! My first reaction, when I ripped open the packaging [no restraint for THIS Fairy thank you very much] was ‘I didn’t order this!’ It looked like a length of white-on-white jacquard, when I was expecting green roses, giant parrots, and … Continue reading New arrival