The fabric samples for the MOB dress just arrived, and I don’t think I’m any closer to making my choice than before!  ‘Shades of blue in silk chiffon’…and there we halt. I ordered 6 samples, which were over-priced enough to discourage me from wasting more cash on them.  The dress is made in multiple layers … Continue reading MOB-ility

Party Line

Vogue 1470 Tom & Linda Platt A bit slim fitting for podgy old me perhaps BUT I love the asymmetrical lines, my hips and legs are still pretty good, and I am ITCHING to use some of this fabulous silk dupion yardage I snagged over on a Facebook destash group.  It’s embroidered all over in … Continue reading Party Line

Action and Distraction

It’s been a horrible week at work, battling against managerial incompetence and the usual bullying.  I’m only working four days a week now, to protect my tenuous grasp on sanity, but it can still feel like ten days.  Sigh.  My sewing mojo is struggling to get me into action most days. Half term now though, … Continue reading Action and Distraction

Sharing Platt-ers

SWAP 2018, Vogue 1415 [again] Tom & Linda Platt.  Black silky woven fabric [poly?] with a raised swirly pattern. Yes, this pattern’s getting some serious use for this SWAP!  I originally made this top in blue/teal ‘scratched’ velvet from The Italian Textile Company on eBay, and I wear it to DEATH.  Version 2, was the … Continue reading Sharing Platt-ers

Platt du Jour

Vogue 1415, Tom and Linda Platt tunic SWAP 2018 #1 Cut from a red stretch velvet remnant which limited the length of both bodice and sleeves [which is fine, I’m 5’3″ and despite having monkey arms, like my sleeves a tad short]  The velvet was originally purchased to make a Xmas nightshirt for my daughter … Continue reading Platt du Jour

Cut to the bone…

More cutting out of SWAP items, plus some pics to prove how good the ‘almost no waste’ cutting went. Ruffle skirt [non-Swap, but hey-ho] I mean, look at that!       Then the red velvet top Impressive! The grey taffeta was the best though: Next I got two trouser patterns out, both size 18.  … Continue reading Cut to the bone…

Blue Velvet…

…or is it teal?  Vogue 1415, Tom & Linda Platt tunic This was a really fast make, having only 3 pattern pieces.  The fabric is a truly luxurious treat I got from my favourite eBay seller, The Italian Textile Company.  Not cheap, the 2m cost me over thirty squid, but it’s SO worth it!  It … Continue reading Blue Velvet…

Cutting Edge

Happy Christmas! My holidays have started, and there was a glimmer of light at the very end of term, hinting that things MIGHT improve slightly next year.  Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’ve got some sew-jo bubbling and fizzing.  I’ll be doing some end-of-year summary   posts over the next couple of weeks, but there’s plenty of … Continue reading Cutting Edge