Rag Week

Blimey.  Three visits to the rag market + Fancy Silk Store + Barry’s in 8 days.  That’s a lot of fabric, and a lot of walking! I was restrained this time, but enabled the lovely Katja to buy one helluva lot of goodies [her shopping trolley was full before we were halfway round the markets … Continue reading Rag Week

Tucking in

After a looooong week and marking, and finally completing the first unit [400 papers take longer than you’d think, I can tell you], I managed to snag an hour or two sewing this afternoon before starting on the next unit. Not enough, but it will have to do.  I’ve still got just over three more … Continue reading Tucking in

Rag Week, Part 1

As in, Birmingham Rag Market and all the other good stuff. I used to do regular Birmingham sewing meet-ups, but have let them drift over the last year, and decided to resurrect the fun this week while I’m on holiday.  As a member of the Steampunk Seamstress Squadron on FaceBook, I offered to act as … Continue reading Rag Week, Part 1

Shirty McShirt Face…

…and a little fabric porn. My payday parcels are arriving, so far I have the WONDROUS off-white silk satin, antique glass buttons, and a load of lace trim. I’ve decided to replace the buttons on my green riding jacket, as the blackness of the soutache makes them look grey, so we’re using them for the … Continue reading Shirty McShirt Face…

Tickled Pink!

I’m tickled pink by my pin-tucker, and I’m not going to try to say that, with or without any booze in me! Lookee lookee first attempt: As I’ve said many times, I am absolutely NOT a tidy or meticulous or patient type:  all my attempts at tucks heretofore have been a royal mess, wobbly, uneven … Continue reading Tickled Pink!