Muy Linda!

Style Arc ‘Linda’ trousers [yup, still not pants, unh-unh] in navy ponte.  Item #2 for the 2019 SWAP NAVY!  ME!   I haven’t voluntarily worn navy blue since school, and that was over 40 years ago.  I suppose that’s long enough to get over uniform shock… These were the first Style Arc pattern I tried, the … Continue reading Muy Linda!


Mimi G wardrobe pattern- #1:   T shirt in purple knit Simple, loose fitting, V neck.  This is actually the 2nd version.  The first in a khaki green knit remnant form the Jersey Lady in Birmingham market, apparently originally River Island, was  a bit of a mess on the neckband, and in any case, the missus … Continue reading Mimi-ME!

Come on you Baggies!

No.  Not West Brom [even though they are  local team]- I don’t do sport.  More baggy trousers [still not pants, no, not here matey] from the Kathryn Brenne V9114 that is now officially a very tried-and-tested pattern. These are in some of the cool and comfy chambray that I snagged a while back from the … Continue reading Come on you Baggies!

A bum deal

I have spent today trying to improve the fit on the wife’s trousers.  Some swearing, some hilarity, but I think I’ve learned from it. I’m concentrating for now on the StyleArc Sammi, as we both like the bootcut shape.  I tried some alterations on the Willow as well, but I’ll explain why I’ve pushed them … Continue reading A bum deal