Monthly Making

2016 in pictures I make this 45 garments [I thought it would be more, but hey-ho, some were extremely time-consuming] 11 for Dawn, 4 for other family members…and 30 for me.  Ahem.  Selfish sewing alert!  Of that thirty, only 6 items weren’t steampunk or dress-up.  Hilarious! On the extrememly positive side, I don’t think I’ve … Continue reading Monthly Making

Swings and roundabouts

  Up…I’m making good progress on trimming the purple tail bodice, and only have to do a bit more round the neckline [but I keep changing my mind on the actual arrangement…] Down…It is [of course] taking longer than I’d hoped Up…The combination of trims is, to my mind, working really well, as all the … Continue reading Swings and roundabouts