Making the Cut- more SWAP 2020 prep

…but still no sewing I spent a fair amount of time cutting and fusing interfacing for three shirts and a dress, then realised I also needed lining for the V8858 skirt, so found a bit of cotton lawn in a rose pink- a weird colour for me [it was a bargain when I bought it … Continue reading Making the Cut- more SWAP 2020 prep

Flounce in a Lifetime

Right.  Top part of skirt was completed a few weeks ago.  Bottom part consists of lots of panels…and lots of flounces.  9 large doughnut flounces to be exact, plus two short flangey bits [also already assembled] and two long rectangular flouncy bits. I’d already glanced over the instructions but I don’t really take it all … Continue reading Flounce in a Lifetime

Frilled to Bits!

So, the new iron [aka Big Pearl] is duly ensconced on her shiny new ironing board cover, tank filled, and ready to go. THe SWAP has moved along very nicely, and some new fabrics are screaming at me to either cut them out, or pre-wash them [those gorgeous oooollld silks make my hand itch, so … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!

Cheap Frills

Go on, you  KNEW I wouldn’t be able to sideline this baby didn’t you?  Not a garment that is going to be assembled in a hurry of course, this is what I’ve been up to… I assembled the princess-seamed upper section, tried it on and tweaked it in a tiny bit under my bum.  Then … Continue reading Cheap Frills

Cut to the bone…

More cutting out of SWAP items, plus some pics to prove how good the ‘almost no waste’ cutting went. Ruffle skirt [non-Swap, but hey-ho] I mean, look at that!       Then the red velvet top Impressive! The grey taffeta was the best though: Next I got two trouser patterns out, both size 18.  … Continue reading Cut to the bone…

Frilling News!

It’s arrived!  Vogue 8858, beautifully packaged and all ready for me to dive in.  I do like to be able to examine the tech drawings, and the instructions.  the basic skirt pattern looks very wearable in itself, so this is not just a mad indulgence of frilly insanity, honest! I rather fancy the midi version … Continue reading Frilling News!

Frilled to Bits!

I got it! The bay of E did it again, and I have my natty new pattern winging its way from the US… Think I may dig out the rest of this purple taffets and see how much I haveleft. Could work, what do you think? There’s also some of the lilac.  I think it … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!