Flounce in a Lifetime

Right.  Top part of skirt was completed a few weeks ago.  Bottom part consists of lots of panels…and lots of flounces.  9 large doughnut flounces to be exact, plus two short flangey bits [also already assembled] and two long rectangular flouncy bits. I’d already glanced over the instructions but I don’t really take it all … Continue reading Flounce in a Lifetime

Short Cut

Well, fairly short.More SWAP gear.  Today, black jersey with mesh detailing, V8793, a Tilton pattern I’ve used before.  I’ve cut the double collar, but may not use it, we’ll see.  That was easy. Then, a pieced B6287.  A favourite pattern, I wear the 2 tops I made from this a lot.  One pattern piece went … Continue reading Short Cut

Falling in Love Again

Vogue’s autumn collection always gladdens my heart- the summer one is just…well, impractical.  It seems to be all little skimpy party frocks, and the winter one is all HUGE party frocks…all in all, autumn and spring styles suit my lifestyle, and the English climate, much better. Here are the ones that jumped out at me, … Continue reading Falling in Love Again

Polly Gone

Status report on my lovely, only worn twice parrot shirt- I think it’s dead! I’m a total slob and got tomato/lobster sauce on the cuff when we went for a meal, and the wife persevered and got it out.  SO I wore it again, and got food on the front. This time ,I decided to … Continue reading Polly Gone