Oz Coz #9- And your little dog too!…

…and crows and owls and mice and and and…. So many last minute and ‘small’ roles had to be sorted, some I’ve mentioned along the way. The crows were made using the fab PDF download I bought from Wintercroft Designs The three masks took me about four hours to assemble, as they are quite detailed.  … Continue reading Oz Coz #9- And your little dog too!…

Oz Coz #5: What a World!

Wicked Witches, Fairy style! No pointy hats, no broomstick, I want glamour and sass. Engineering research?  Definitely!   Inspired by these costume patterns, I went for a rummage in stash and found plenty of remnants of black fabrics:  I still have quite a lot of the very cheap peach-skin textured stuff from the rag market … Continue reading Oz Coz #5: What a World!

Oz Coz #3:Rattling along

Tin woodcutters, both girls, both VERY slim.  Before I volunteered to make costumes, the director had already bought a tinman costume from Amazon, very cheap, and it looked it.  I wasn’t impressed, as I don’t really like very shiny tinmen, he’s supposed to start off rusty, and decided to find some inspiration images for myself.  … Continue reading Oz Coz #3:Rattling along

Still here, honest!

Totally immersed in Oz coz, and making excellent progress.  It’s not just munchkins folks!  There’s more than 20 kids involved, as the show ia largely double-cast, and the dancers/extras are all playing multiple parts, some needing four or five costume changes. Very few roles have been cast so that costumes can be shared, even with … Continue reading Still here, honest!

Oz Coz #1: Munchables

As if I didn’t already have enough to do, I’ve offered to make costumes for the school’s production of Wizard of Oz. Why not eh? Of course, near-zero budget, no time, lots and lots of cast members [28 or so, most needing more than one costume.] BRILLIANT! I started with Toto of course, who wouldn’t? … Continue reading Oz Coz #1: Munchables

A Bit Too Fur

You know how I mentioned that I volunteered to make costumes for the school production of ‘Wizard of Oz’?  Well I heard a suggestion that they were planning a papier mache version of Toto.  My reaction?  HELL NO So, I did some googling.  The first thing I came up with was this free pattern from … Continue reading A Bit Too Fur