Whale I never! Edwardian corset #2

I zoomed ahead after getting the main assembly done, and spent  a jolly [ahem] couple of hours bashing grommets into place.  Then I slipped the lacing in, and had a quick try-on…even without boning this gives a lovely shape, very curvaceous! I played with some lace left over from my daughter’s wedding dress, and I … Continue reading Whale I never! Edwardian corset #2


I’m whiling away the last few hours of term all alone in the maths/science office.  Not a bad thing, as I brought my iPod in today, and I’m blasting out a couple of my favourite playlists: While I did a bit of prep work, some opera.  Nothing too highbrow honest, but I got a taste … Continue reading SHATTERED!

The Bottom Line

Hurrah! The end of the marking is [sort of] in sight! One of the papers I marked today amused me greatly- the student hadn’t managed to get much right, but had written some wry comments.  Here’s my favourite:I’m very slightly ahead of schedule though, so I rewarded myself with an hour or so sewing before … Continue reading The Bottom Line

I Aten’t Dead!

[Thanks Terry for the 2 best role models an old battleaxe could possibly wish for!] I’m still neck deep in exam marking, and still being held in suspense about the redundancies.  So I’m pretty tired and fractious, all in all.  Fortunately my lovely wife is keeping me fed, supplying me with gallons of tea, and … Continue reading I Aten’t Dead!

Dented Fairy

Basically what my boss said to me today, but neither as humorous or as cute.  Apparently I shouldn’t get upset and agitated when the exams staff fuck up my students’ exam arrangements and cause them stress.  I got slapped down. As you may guess, my tits are still not exactly calm. Back to the marking…. Continue reading Dented Fairy

Kids are…

Went to work.  Gave students cake.  Students like cake.  Students come back for seconds.  One takes TWO slices, despite accusations of piggery. Some time later, said student is sitting with half eaten cake still by his side.  Made students eat more cake.  Turn away, turn back.  Last lump of cake is in a bottle of … Continue reading Kids are…

Mark Staring Mad!

Me today…and for a couple of weeks to come, I suspect. Yep, A level marking season is upon me, and I’m doing 2 units concurrently, so my eyes are already starting to swivel and plunge in their sockets. I’ve also had to spend the day at work chasing up on stupid admin errors/omissions/general fuck ups.  … Continue reading Mark Staring Mad!