SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#5: Riding breeches

5 thoughts on “SWA(SP)P 2016-Wildcards-#5: Riding breeches”

    1. THey are very nice- the lady from Reconstructing History sent me some excellent photos she took of the original breeches from which she made the pattern. I’ll post later. Can’t wait to get cracking on these, although I’m still wary of all the buttonholes!

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  1. Really nice post – and isn’t it great in this modern, remote world to find someone is “there”? and they care, and bother to reply!
    I knew nothing about RH, but having read this I scooted straight over there to have a browse. I wish I’d found them earlier. I wanted to go to the Venice carnival in costume this year (I only live an hour away), and I’m pretty sure they could have helped. I’m too late for 2016; with Easter falling so early this year carnival has crept up and caught me unawares.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing your jodhpurs finished. Very stylish, and a great idea to use the toile for the underlining.
    baci Sxx


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