Waxing Hysterical

Decisions decisions… I’ve been dithering, and distracted by work stress [nothing new there], but had a moment of revelation, which is igniting the sew-jo at last! The pattern which is calling to me the loudest seems to be the Edwardian lady’s sporting costume, #110 form Laughing Moon.  When I knocked together my planning last week, … Continue reading Waxing Hysterical

Birmingham’s Lunarticks [sic]

From Wikipedia: “The Lunar Society of Birmingham was a dinner club and informal learned society of prominent figures in the Midlands Enlightenment, including industrialists, natural philosophers and intellectuals, who met regularly between 1765 and 1813 inBirmingham, England. At first called the Lunar Circle, “Lunar Society” became the formal name by 1775. The name arose because … Continue reading Birmingham’s Lunarticks [sic]

Caught Napping

Following a couple of questions about the construction of my sorta-6Nap skirt, I’m just going to go over it here, as previously blogged, but all together.  Hopefully it will make some sense! First I made the waistband and yoke from a stretch remnant, judging the shape of the points just by eye, sticking masking tape … Continue reading Caught Napping

6Nap and Next Up

It’s such hard work getting your other half to take pics isn’t it?  There’s always something more urgent, like motorbike races, Kung Fu Panda, or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Anyway, here we are, 6 Napoleon in two forms: #1 Work casual The skirt with a hastily hem-tweaked RTW T shirt.  I wore it … Continue reading 6Nap and Next Up