SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#7: Getting in trim

For some unknown, masochistic reason, I decided not to simply hem the silver skirt before adding the pleated flounce, but to do a piped and faced hem.  Must be hormones… My ever-patient wife had pin marked the hem length for me a couple of days ago, using a bit of card to identify the highest … Continue reading SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#7: Getting in trim

Top 5 2015

Crafting a Rainbow  posted this fun challenge a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been stalling.  Here goes: Top 5 Hits (favourite or most worn makes) It’s been an amazing year for sewing, starting with jumping into Jungle January and the Sabre-Toothed Swap over on Pretty Grievances.  I made a whole collection of 5 items … Continue reading Top 5 2015