The marking is DONE for another year, the holidays can begin!  I’ve had two days in my new workplace, and it’s going to be GREAT I just know it…they actually have a staff well-being programme!  Blimey! So tomorrow I will be getting on with some sewing, snoozing, and getting the maths out of my brain … Continue reading FINALLY!

Blistery Mogger

I have been nominated by the lovely [and wonderfully bonkers] Kim,  The Material Lady Thanks missus [and we need to arrange a playdate SOON]…be warned folks, this is a LOOONG post. “Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one … Continue reading Blistery Mogger

Done and Dusted

The wedding dress that is. Bustle points sorted [after destroying rather a lot of safety pins], photos taken, tulle trimmed some more.  Everyone seemed happy, so I am too. This will be fully blogged after the wedding at the end of July, but just to show how much hand sewing went into applying the lace … Continue reading Done and Dusted

Marking Time

Yes, it’s started- I’m already nearly halfway through the first 2 of four modules, and have learned lots about the new exams.  Tiring, but most productive. I’m still waiting for written confirmation of the job offer so I can hand in my notice, but am feeling SO much better already- sleeping more soundly, no nervous tum … Continue reading Marking Time

Flower Power

McCall’s 5056, in tropical print cotton lawn,  and a recycled duvet cover [ancient, cotton or poly-cotton, no idea!] This pattern’s been languishing in  stash for ages.  I bought it totally on impulse, no doubt attracted to the somewhat 70s vibe of the line drawing.  I always prefer patterns with drawings, they have so much more … Continue reading Flower Power


Okeri-Jokery?  Oh I give up.  The Oki Style ‘Joker’ shirt. WOW.  Just WOW.  This is one cooooool pattern, so of course, the missus pounced on it right away.  I already had the lovely heavy weight stretch cotton poplin, with white self-stripe that I’d used for my Style Arc ‘Juliet’ shirt #2, and the wife had … Continue reading Oki-Jokey…