Otterly Delightful!

Michael Miller Otter print cotton [from Frumble of course], and yet another Jennifer Lauren Afternoon blouse.  Must make one up as a dress I think…. No fuss, no frills, I can knock these up with barely a thought.  I do stitch the front down below the Vs as I find it gapes a little, and … Continue reading Otterly Delightful!

Leaf me alone

Madness.  I’m wearing this flipping top, have been admiring it all day, and was halfway through typing this up and only just realised it isn’t feather print at all, it’s leaves.  LEAVES folks, why did nobody stop me? Anyway. LEAF print viscose from either Frumble or Fabric Godmother, I can’t recall offhand.  It’s LOVELY to … Continue reading Leaf me alone

Short Cuts

Hurrah!  I’ve done as much marking as I can stomach [there#s always a bit of bonus marking up for grabs, but I truly don’t have the energy.  Trip-trap into the sewing room, fondling lengths of fabric and making FAST decisions.  Those scissors NEEDED me I tell you! So, a few hours later, I have a … Continue reading Short Cuts

Oh Dear Oh Dear…

Hello possums! Have you missed me?  Did you even notice I haven’t been doing any normal sewing for AGES? Well, I’m in an insane flurry right now, feeling unwell [some horrible stomach bug, I look like I’m pregnant] and marking three A level papers simultaneously.  Bad planning, what can I say? So I decided to … Continue reading Oh Dear Oh Dear…