I feel old!

5 thoughts on “I feel old!”

  1. Good grief!! How old?? Funnily enough, I showed my daughter the Toni Basil video for Mickey just the other day after she was humming the tune from a film she’d seen recently.

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  2. Oh, don’t get me started! I saw a police officer, a couple of days ago, who looked to be about twelve years old. A sure sign of my aging! I’ve also noticed that a lot of drivers seem to be about eight! I’m not really this ancient am I?


  3. Not relevant to this post, but just wanted to say that I’ve walked away from a Forum (no, not that one) that started p…..g me off, laying down the rules as if we were children – not going to happen. I thought of you DF as I signed out!


      1. I feel sooooooo much better now, as if a weight has been lifted – Daft isn’t it how people I’ve never met can piss me off so royally!


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